2015 Holiday Card

Peas 2015 XMas

My official sick Holiday card for this year has arrived. It is a continuation of my Christmisscommunications Series. The back of the card (on left) was inspired by the SF novel” Make Room! Make Room!” by Harry Harrison made into the film, “Soylent Green ” in 1973 and the pun was suggested for this card by by my wife, Janny Wurts.

On Exhibit in NYC

Masters of Fantasy at Metropolis

The Masters Of Fantasy Exhibit opens Oct 9th at the Metropolis Gallery in NYC. I have four works on display. Visit < www.paravia.com/DonMaitz >  and select  “Myth and Legends” then “Announcements” in the tool bar,  and “Exhibits” below to see the included works.

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