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Forest Encounter

Forest Encounter

Forest Encounter is an 11″ x 14″ oil on canvas painting begun on location in a Florida park near a tidal stream. The initial purpose was to add an animal to the location later in the studio. I added the animal then, a figure , and then something for them to look at. This painting and a few others have been recently added to my website gallery at:

Stephen King Haven Fund Auction Art

Desperation Haven Fund Wolf Rem

Pencil remarque added to a mass market edition copy of Desperation. Proceeds from this donated book and original drawing benefit creative persons in dire circumstances. This auction is now live at: <>This book comes with the original preliminary pencil sketch of this image which may be framed.

Tree Huggers – Again

A year ago (February13, 2013) I posted on this blog Tree Huggers as a painting I did on location. It has lingered in my studio and I had not been comfortable with the image as it seemed unbalanced and lacked a dynamic focal point. My imagination kicked in and I wondered what might be going on at that location when no one is looking…

2013 Christmas Season Card

Harpy Holidays 2013 XMas

For many years, I have added to the silly season with my own form of silliness in the form of a twisted card offering.  As I have a hearing impediment that restricts my hearing to only one ear, I am sure that I miss I or misinterpret much of the conversations around me.  I have taken this situation as an excuse to delve into the traditions and sayings of the holiday season with the idea that if, miss heard, strange images come to mind and out the paintbrush. The inside reads: ” May the blessing of the Season feather your nest.”

Book Box Project

Green Odyssey InkTest Engraving (3)Green OddGreen Odyssey Color Sketch

Just finished a commission where I illustrated a collector’s favorite book with the artwork incorporated into a custom wooden box formed to hold the first edition book. In this case, Phillip Jose Farmer’s “Green Odyssey”. My pen and ink art was translated into an engraving on the box lid, and the small  (8″ x 5″)  acrylic painting inserted into 4 brass retainers on the inside lid of the box. These beautiful, custom boxes are made by Dick Olsen who does the box construction and the engraving from line art supplied by the artist.

My Prince Hath Croaked

My Prince Hath Croaked

” My Prince Hath Croaked”   an oil 15″ x 10″ began out as a field study as well at a spot found about a mile from my studio. While I worked, an otter bounced past me and splashed through the water in the foreground and into the culvert behind the figure.  I had a photo shoot with a model soon after beginning the painting and one of the poses struck me as a perfect addition to the scene.