Dragon Con Logo

In 2013, Don and Janny won the competition to design the new logo for Dragon Con, Atlanta's well-known pop culture, fantasy, and sci-fi convention. Both of us collaborated on the initial sketches, experimenting with different designs that reflected Dragon Con's embrace by mainstream culture without neglecting its quirky beginnings.

Preliminary sketches
Preliminary sketches and lettering designs

Don cleaned up the final, approved versions of the artwork and prepared them for digital submission.

Final color sketch and Dragon Con website
Final, approved color edition and the official Dragon Con marketing materials inspired by our designs and palette choices

The new logo became official in July 2014. This was the first update to the Dragon Con logo in almost 20 years and is still in use today. "We are not the same show that we were back in 1995," said Dragon Con president, Pat Henry. "The new logo honors our past, but also gives us something that represents Dragon Con's present and future."

Both of us are convention regulars (Janny leads the opening parade performing on her bagpipes!). We are among the Featured Guests for the upcoming 2021 convention.

Don and Janny at Dragon Con
Don and Janny at Dragon Con in 2015

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