Incorporating my signature as an element existing as part of the work does not conform to the usual form of identification common on works of art. This choice is an extension of my desire to put myself into what I am creating. No, it is not original with me, artists have expressed this form of authorship within their work many years before I began this application. Yes, it certainly takes longer to do than a predetermined personal logo appearing in the same corner of every work. It does take cleverness, imagination, and time to figure out an appropriate treatment and location.

I believe that the unique quality of my work demands that I not only stand behind it but exist within it as well. And it's fun. Many artists imagine their name in lights. I imagine my name in lightning, carvings, thorns, weeds, lichen, mushrooms (I'm a fungi!), jewelry, snow, sand, tree bark, embroidery, or practically in anything I feel might be appropriate. Some samples of how I've incorporated my signature into my artwork are below.

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