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“The Reaper” Accepted as a Finalist in the 14 Annual Art Renewal Center Salon Competition

“The Reaper ” an 18″x 32″ oil on panel allegoric painting inspired by Stephen King’s novel  The Stand, has been accepted into the ARC’s  Annual International Salon Competition,  This is the 8 th year in a row an  “A -Maitz- ing ” painting has been part of the selected works in this prestigious show. <>

Failed Birdnapper

I just finished a small 12” x 9” oil begun on location and finished in the  studio with additional research. It is of a sea rover who is attempting to recapture parakeets that got loose, originally taken from Australia. The idea that world travelers have been “migrating” species by virtue of their maritime travels for centuries was the inspiration for the final painting.



“Surprise” is an oil painting on linen 12″ x 36″ created as a private commission where the  purchaser wanted me inspired by a scene from the movie, “Master and Commander: Far Side of the World”. I brought together a photo I took from a sunset sail in Key West and photos I  had taken of the H.M.S. Rose under sail In Milford Harbor, CT.  The H.M.S. Rose, a recreation vessel, was transformed into the H.M. S. Surprise for the film. Prints of this are available in our web store in the Maritme section.