New small maritime of a beached sea rover

Drawn to the Sea_632“Drawn to the Sea” –
I am referring to these sort of works as sea rovers rather than pirates to lend them an air of the romantic.   This small 10” x 8” oil on linen painting began on North Lido Beach, Sarasota in August last year.   After sweltering in mid-day sun while blocking in the colors, I decided to quit for the time being,  as I was turning into… a half baked artist!   Painting on location allows to more truthfully record the colors observed and is worth the effort of bringing materials out of the studio environment.  Photographs taken for source material record details,  but do not carry the subtle depth of color, nor any emotional interpretation of the setting.  This painting lingered unfinished for several months, it being my intention to revisit the scene to add finishing touches. I was inspired to add a figure, in fact, this was my intention, but I had not the foreknowledge of what that figure or subject might be. Having nearby access to tropical environments, I have longed sought to introduce renditions of early adventurers exploring the New World to what remains of our untouched Florida landscape.   I searched my picture files for a subject that would lend itself to the work and found a reference photo which “felt right” and had the same lighting.   I placed an outline lightly onto the dry,painted surface with burnt sienna oil paint,  then returned to the beach on another bright afternoon to add more background information.  The painting was completed by finishing the figures in my studio.   Other small works share a similar approach and can be seen on my website, their titles are: “Sharky’s Short Fuse”, “Guarding the Rum”, “Wandering Maroon”, “Foraging For Dinner”,  and “Out for a Bite”.