Drawings in Stephen King books

For two years I have been helping out with the Haven Fund which was established for  creative people in crisis by Stephen King.    I sincerely hope I never need to access this fund for myself or for my wife who is an artist and author. But it is a comfort to know that resources have been made available for easing a crisis situation for people who are self employed in the creative field.  It was very thoughtful of Stephen King to initiate such a personal disaster fund.

I have added drawings to first edition copies of both “Desperation”, which I had illustrated for Donald M. Grant Publishing,  and  first editions of  “Duma Key” for two years.  Although, I did not illustrate “Duma Key”  in mass market,  I was commissioned to paint a scene in the limited edition large format book from Centipede Press titled,” Knowing Darkness / Artists Inspired by Stephen King”.  The two attached drawings were remarques I drew in the King first edition books that were auctioned on ebay for the Haven fund this year.  Each bringing in more than $400.00 towards the fund.  Prints of the color art I did for the two King books I illustrated are available in my webs store: http://www.paravia.com/catalog/   and to see the watercolor remarques images created for a special edition of “Desperation”,  visit:http://www.paravia.com/DonMaitz/website/MythLegend/SpecialFeatures/DesperationRemarques.html

Duma Key Gator Remarque

Duma Key pencil remarque

Remarque_ License and Registration

Desperation pencil remarque