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Short Story Cover

Reins of Destiny Cover1

Janny wrote a short story based on her “Wars of Light and Shadow” series. We worked together to produce the cover for the electronic download, The art is all hers, the type is ours, the design is mine. To order a download of the story visit :

Scene from A Game of Thrones

Duel With the White Knight

“Duel with the White Knight” a small 10″ x 8″ oil on panel from a scene in George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series originally commissioned for Fantasy Flight Publishing’s “The Art of A Song of Fire and Ice” to feature the sword master’s defense of Arya.  Has just been made into a print available in the WebStore: < >

Heartless Watercolor


“Heartless”, another small watercolor painted at MegaCon earlier this month during lulls at the sales table. Such watercolors were used as playing card images in the Raiding Parties card game initial release of the ” Hit The Deck ” cards.

Pirates of the TimestreamPirates of the Time Stream Cover

This cover art was completed last year and has been released as a paperback recently. I made a model of the spacecraft from descriptions in the manuscript. I glued foam board and cardboard with gesso and paint added, then suspended it with nylon line and photographed it using the same lighting direction as placed on the models.

Last Chance remarqued print Stephen King’s Haven Fund Charity in ebay Auction

Desperation the Well_HVAuction

Original pencil drawing on the Remarqued print by Don Maitz, from the illustration initially appearing in Stephen King’s Desperation first edition. The print shown above is offered for sale to benefit the Haven Fund Charity Auction. The haven Fund was established by Stephen King to lend financial assistance to creative talents overtaken by crisis. This year’s auction is taking place now, and this is the last Don Maitz print to bid upon. Bidding closes on Feb. 24, at the following link  –

This print and others from the Desperation book are also available (without the remarque) from the Don Maitz and Janny Wurts web store –

Drawings in Stephen King books

For two years I have been helping out with the Haven Fund which was established for  creative people in crisis by Stephen King.    I sincerely hope I never need to access this fund for myself or for my wife who is an artist and author. But it is a comfort to know that resources have been made available for easing a crisis situation for people who are self employed in the creative field.  It was very thoughtful of Stephen King to initiate such a personal disaster fund.

I have added drawings to first edition copies of both “Desperation”, which I had illustrated for Donald M. Grant Publishing,  and  first editions of  “Duma Key” for two years.  Although, I did not illustrate “Duma Key”  in mass market,  I was commissioned to paint a scene in the limited edition large format book from Centipede Press titled,” Knowing Darkness / Artists Inspired by Stephen King”.  The two attached drawings were remarques I drew in the King first edition books that were auctioned on ebay for the Haven fund this year.  Each bringing in more than $400.00 towards the fund.  Prints of the color art I did for the two King books I illustrated are available in my webs store:   and to see the watercolor remarques images created for a special edition of “Desperation”,  visit:

Duma Key Gator Remarque

Duma Key pencil remarque

Remarque_ License and Registration

Desperation pencil remarque

2012 in Review

To start off, here is a recap of my artistic adventures in 2012. I was invited to hang 119  original paintings for public exhibition over the course of the year, 87  in four different  museums at the same time.   A one person exhibit at the Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture in Delray Beach, FL  had 46 maritime / pirate paintings and twenty works featuring fantastic subjects.  Another 19 paintings are still on display at the Door County Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay, WI  through March 2014.  Also,  my painting originally commissioned by National Geographic Magazine, Taking The Whydah, remains on an 8 museum tour with the 15 th National Exhibition of  the American Society of Marine Artists , currently installed  at  the Haggin Museum in Stockton, CA.  My fourth venue occurred at the Allentown Art Museum in Allentown PA, for the At the Edge, Art of the Fantastic Exhibition. This large group show collected fantastic works from the last 200 years including works by such revered artists as Howard Pyle, N.C.Wyeth, Frank Schoonover, Alphonse Mucha, J.C. Leyendecker and Frank Frazetta.  My exhibited oil, Second Drowning,  was among the works selected to represent this important exhibition in both American Artist magazine ( (May 2012), and Art Connoisseur Magazine (July 2012).

Liberty Con (Chattanooga, TN), ChiCon 7 -the World SF Con in Chicago,  and DragonCon ( Atlanta, GA) convention art shows hosted displays this past year. The 33rd Annual International Marine Art Exhibition at the Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport,  and the Atlas Fantasy House Gallery in Carmel, lN  both displayed my art in
2012 and are continuing to do so.  I believe something like one hundred and thirty of my original works were hanging at various locations during the year!

My oil painting, Golden Moment, completed in January of 2012 , became a finalist  in the Art Renewal Center’s 2011-2012 Salon Exhibition as one of 500 works selected from realist painters across the world.  And this painting was published in Spectrum 19.