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New Painting: Pay Ransom or City Burns
Pay Ransom or City Burns

This depicts my imagined scene of Henry Morgan dictating a letter to the President of Panama demanding payment to prevent 'their' sacked port city of Portobello from being set fire. I imagined part of the city already burning, hence everyone laughing. Inspired by Ilya Repin's painting, "The Reply of the Zaporozhain Cossack", writing to the Turkish Sultan.

New Painting: Crash Site Orphan
Crash Site Orphan

In 1979, I did a series of mass market covers for books by Robert Stallman. Centipede Press has bought the rights to this series and hired me to do the covers again. I reread the story and am still happy with the original concept for the first book, The Orphan. However, the publisher wants a wraparound dust jacket with art extending to the dust flaps. I made a new oil painting for a double spread frontis illustration.

New Painting: Evening Shore
Evening Shore

This is an oil rendition of one of Sarasota's Gulf Coast beaches.

New Painting: Dark Dark Were the Tunnels
Dark Dark Were the Tunnels

This was a commission based on the George R.R. Martin short story, "Dark Dark Were the Tunnels". Earth's surface is nuclear toast. Some escaped to the moon, others underground. Generations later, the moonies returned. Searching for survivors, their flashlights revealed light-less evolution.

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