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New Painting: Cloaked

This recently completed painting was done as an illustration for the book Dragon Waiting by John M. Ford. Wizards exemplify why the Art of Imaginative Realism is actually Multi-Dimensional Magic. Such work DISSOLVES the two dimensional painted surface and TRANSFORMS it into the ILLUSION a three dimensional environment. The hours, days, weeks, or months, involved in the creation are CONDENSED into a frozen moment in TIME (time travel). UNNATURAL things APPEAR sprung from imagination. In the case of illustrating from the written word, MIND READING is involved interpreting the meaning of the words the writer presents.

Interview with Under the Radar SFF Podcast

I sat down with Blaise Ancona of the Under the Radar SFF podcast to discuss my experiences as a cover artist. Listen to the interview here.

New Interior Art for Prince of the Blood
Prince of the Blood

I just turned in a new set of pen and ink interior art for the Grim Oak Press edition of Prince of the Blood by Raymond E. Feist. You can see the new artwork in my Popular Authors Art album.

New Painting: Atop Celery Fields
Atop Celery Fields

This recently completed plein air shows the highest elevation for miles and miles in Florida: a man-made hill in Sarasota County in an area known as the Celery Fields. To curb flooding, the Auduban Society and the County made lakes and runoff areas and used the soil to create a large mound. The area is a refuge for wildlife and has an informative welcome center.

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