Old News
Illustration Magazine interview

The latest issue of Illustration Magazine (# 55) features an in depth interview and large photo spread of my work. Daniel Zimmer is the Editor /Publisher. email- ILLOMAG@GMAIL.COM

Florida Panther

I recently painted this Florida panther in watercolor as a gift. Other sketches I did of the only living species of large cats in the Eastern US were auctioned to The Nature Conservancy, to help preserve and expand their territory. A female panther was recently sighted north of their present range, so there is hope for this endangered species which is Federally protected.

2016 Holiday Greeting Card

My warmest wishes to all for the Holiday Season. May you all embrace peace and abundance while you shout for joy.

Infected By Art Volume 4

"Soldiers of Time" and "My Prince Hath Croaked" have been selected for inclusion in the book Infected By Art Volume 4.

Pirate Gold

This image is now available as prints from our Studio Shop. The original art is on temporary display at Ruth Eckard Hall in Clearwater, FL.

Book cover for Gods of Dawn

Aliens at the cradle of civilization is the theme of the time travel story by Steve White illustrated in this 27" x 18" oil painting published by Baen Books.

Blackbeard drawing at Museum
Ill Intent

Small acrylic painting of a ship skirting a fog The suggestion of a black flag about to be raised at the transom suggests someone may be in for it.

Fantastic Art at Denver Gallery

In two days, an exhibit of imaginative art goes on sale in Denver. One of my two entries, "My Prince Hath Croaked", is featured in this announcement.

New Piratical Watercolors

Two watercolors painted on road trips. The first, "Axe Me" Is about 9" x 7" the other, "Saucy Wench" is 14" x 10".

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