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New Piratical Watercolors

Two watercolors painted on road trips. The first, "Axe Me" Is about 9" x 7" the other, "Saucy Wench" is 14" x 10".

More Examples from The Sea Rover Sketchbook

A few more pages from "The Drawings and Sketches of Sea Rovers by Don Maitz" booklet. There are 80 images in all. I sign and draw a simple pencil sketch inside for 1 $12.00 . Visit the Studio Shop to order.

Sketchbook sample pages

Selected pages from my "Drawings and Sketches of Sea Rovers by Don Maitz " booklet available from the Maitz & Wurts Studio Shop.

Drawings and Sketches of Sea Rovers booklet

A 24 page booklet 8.5 "x 5.5" collecting 80 reproductions of my ink drawings and pencil sketches featuring sea rovers, buccaneers, gentlemen of fortune, and jolly companions is now available from the Studio Shop.


"Surprise" is an oil painting on linen 12" x 36" created as a private commission where the purchaser wanted me inspired by a scene from the movie, "Master and Commander: Far Side of the World". I brought together a photo I took from a sunset sail in Key West and photos I had taken of the H.M.S. Rose under sail In Milford Harbor, CT. The H.M.S. Rose, a recreation vessel, was transformed into the H.M. S. Surprise for the film. Prints of this are available in our Studio Shop in the Sea Rovers section.

Captain Morgan portrait demo

At a recent public appearance, I brought a half Julian easel I use to work outdoors and painted this small 10" x 8" oil on a gesso board support. I brought the panel to the demo already with a pencil drawing sealed with an ochre acrylic transparent wash so it was ready to add the oils for the demonstration.

Blownapart at Dice

"Blownapart at Dice" is a 14" x 10" watercolor painted on an Arches Cold Press Watercolor Block. Louis Lambie, the model, is an entertainer who had sometimes been rigged with exploding "squibs". Packets of fake blood that are radio controlled to explode leaving a realistic effect. Hence his nickname, Louis Blownapart...

Sharing a Book

"Sharing a Book" is a 20" x 16" oil on stretched linen commission recently completed. Prints available in the Studio Shop.

2015 Holiday Card

My official sick Holiday card for this year has arrived. It is a continuation of my Christmisscommunications Series. The back of the card (on left) was inspired by the SF novel "Make Room! Make Room!" by Harry Harrison made into the film, "Soylent Green" in 1973 and the pun was suggested for this card by by my wife, Janny Wurts.

Dragon Breath Ward

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