Cycle of Fire Glossary
AnskiereStormwarden, once a prince of Elrinfaer, sorcerer of wind and water
Adin's Landingfishing village on isle of Imrill Kand
Brithmaster swordsman hired to guard Jaric
Cael's Fallssite of the seeress's cave, located in Elrinfaer
Callindename of the boat Jaric rebuilt for his passage to Cliffhaven.
Cein – Ciengardeclan dialect name for the Firelord's heir, or demonbane
CliffhavenIsle ruled by the Kielmark, situated in Mainstrait
Corine Seaocean located in Keithland
Corinne Danename of the starship that crashed in Keithland
Corlin Towntrader's town located in Hallowild
Cover's Warrenseaside town located on Wrecker's Bay in Felwaithe
Dacsenname of the fishing vessel owned by Taen and Emien's family
Deison Corleythe Kielmark's first captain, and his second in command
Deshforestlocated on the south shore of Elrinfaer
Dunmorelandlocated south of Morbrith
Emienfisherman's son, brother of Taen
EleithTelemark's daughter, dead of fever
Elrinfaerkingdom located south of the Terin Sea
ElshendTors of Elshend -
Everttbrother to Marl, uncle to Taen and Emien
FelwaitheKingdom located north of Kisburn
Frostwargsdemons once confined by Ivain Firelord and Anskiere
Furlainsmountain range located in Dunmoreland
Gaire's Mainvillage at the crossroads, east of Morbrith
Garreyyoung boy, a peer of Jaric's
Gierj-demonsdemons subject to Scait (also known as Gierjlings)
Hal's Nogislet off the coast of Tierl Enneth
Hallowildnorthern kingdom in Kiethland
Handredlibrarian at Landfast
HearvinKing Kisburn's master sorcerer
Imrill Kandisle in the Corine Sea, inhabited by fisherfolk – Emien and Taen's home
Innishariisle in the Free Isles Alliance
Islamereisle in the Free Isles Alliance
Ivain Firelordfather of Jaric, sorcerer of fire and earth
Ivegmaster scribe at Morbrith, mentor of Jaric
Jaricnatural son of Ivain Firelord (also known as Ivainson Karic or Kerainson Jaric)
Karasdemon, shapechanger
Keithlandthe area inhabited by Mankind after the crash of Corinne Dane
Kenciea tavern maid in Gaire's Main, daughter of the innkeeper
Kethalthe Magelord of Mhored Kara
Kielmarkpirate king of Cliffhaven
Kierkforestwoodland located in Felwaithe
KisburnKing of Kisburn – sovereign of Kisburn, located on the coast of the Terin Sea
Kor's firesblasphemy used by Keithland's inhabitants
Kor's accurseddemonkind
Koridan – Koridanea bastardized form of Corinne Dane, deified by myth
Leri Marl's widowTaen and Emien's mother, Marl's wife
Little Dagley Isletsmall isle in Landfast Harbor
Llondelempathic species, designated demonkind (also known as Llondelian, Llondian, or Llondelei)
Maelgrim Dark-dreameranother name for Emien
Mainstraitnarrow passage between the Terin Sea and the Corine Sea
MarlsonEmien and Taen's surname
Mathieson Keldricoriginal owner of the vessel, Callinde
Mearren Ardtown on the shore of Hallowild
Merya Tathagresassociate of the King of Kisburn
Mharg-demonsdemonkind (also known as Mharg-spawn or Mharglings)
Mhored Karatower of the wizards
Morbrith Keepfortress located in Hallowild, ruled by the Earl of Morbrith
Mordanfisherman from Imrill Kand, sent to arrest Anskiere
Morraflagship of Kisburn's fleet
Morrigierjdemon that rules the gierj
Murietontown located on the east coast of Felwaithe
Nedgevagrant drunk from Landfast, friend of Jaric
Sathiddormant, crystalline form of a demon parasite
Scait Demonlordruler of Shadowfane
Seitforestwood located in Kingdom of Hallowild
Selk (Selk's wife's maiden sister)a harridan from Cliffhaven
Setnavnavigational module from the crashed star ship, Corinne Dane also, Veriset-Nav
Shadowfaneholdfast ruled by Scait Demonlord
Sholla noble in King Kisburn's court
Skane's Edgesouthern isle in the Free Isle Alliance
Smithson KerainJaric's fosterfather
Taen DreamweaverEmien's sister
TamicKielmark's second captain, after Corley
Tamlinmythic name for the guardian of Veriset-nav
Tavishfishing boat captain
Telemarkforester who lives in Sietforest
Telshiredomain located in Elrinfaer
Terin Seaeastern body of water in Keithland
Thienz demonsdemonkind (also known as Thienz-cein)
Tierl Ennethtown ruined by a wave raised by the Stormwarden's suborned staff
Tor Elshendfarmsteader's village located in Elrinfaer, west of Telshire
Troessaname of the Kielmark's courier sloop
Vaereterm for the mythos surrounding the Veriset-nav (also known as Vaerish)
Veriset Navfull name of the navigation module from crashed starship, Corinne Dane

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