Song of the Mysteries
Volume 11 of the Wars of Light and Shadow
Arc V
Song of the Mysteries
Book Cover
Cover, © Janny Wurts

Will triumph or entropic ruin prevail?

Swept into the storm of Light against Shadow, warring factions will meet the bare fist of Arithon's fury, sparked by the execution of the innocent murdered by divine decree on the scaffold:

  • True Sect faithful raise armies for clan extirpation and a last, bloody conquest of the free wilds...
  • The Prime Matriarch courts reckless power fit to shatter precedent and seize supreme charge of Mankind's destiny...
  • Fellowship Sorcerers battle rebellious dragons run amok on the rogue thrill of catastrophic annihilation...
  • While contention snaps the frail, last restraint of old Charter Law under crisis, bitter strife and vicious ambition threaten to revoke humanity's right to inhabit the world. Survival relies on recovery of the Paravians, a fate entwined with the shining thread of Athera's mysteries and the planetary bulwark of the etheric web frayed to the verge of an irreversible spiral toward entropy. The true hearts of heroes, and the bravery of two women, will be challenged past breaking in the savage fires of conflict: Elaira's and Daliana's steadfast loyalties must rise against odds or fall as Lysaer's due reckoning collides with the Mistwraith's secretive machinations, and Elder Powers arise to claim their ancient debt for a grievance spanning millennia.

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